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30 September 2017. Combined effort between the CVMA 20-1 and the Rocket Post. We raised nearly 2000 dollars in one day towards our goal of 4000 and went on to sponsor 13 families at Christmas. This was Diana (Ladybug) smashing Barney (20-1 Commander) with a pie to his face. Another great pic from our fund raiser on 30 September 2017 Here we see Gail smashing Jim in the face with the entire pie. Great times. Beginning of screening in the outside area. After Mr Lomax did a fantastic job wiring everything in the screen room he and John Collier hung all three new fans. Mr Lomax and the new fans up and running. After shots of Diana getting Barney with the pie This was a tough one between Kassie and Gail but in the end, Gail outbid Kassie to get Jim and she got him good. Members and one guest FREE. All others $5.00 donation. Annual Charity Golf Tournament