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John A. Collier Sr. - 9/20/2021


VFW Post 4534



Greetings Rocket Post,

     As usual, we had another great week and weekend at the Rocket. Things are getting better by the week around the post and soon I will be announcing a date for post clean up and you know how much fun that is. We will also be planning out two Fridays for stripping and waxing the hall and the canteen. What I am looking for is someone who likes to work with floor tiles. We have some that are cracked or broken that need to be replaced. If this is something you are well versed in please contact me directly. I would like to have this done by end of October and again the stripping and waxing will be done on Friday mornings starting at 0700 hrs. (7:00 am) The Post clean-up will be on a Saturday at 0800 (8:00 am). I will keep you posted on the dates for these tasks.

     I know we have some folks that absolutely love to paint. Well I want you to know you’re in for a real treat. You see we have the new roof on the Post and the storage building. Now we need to update the roll up doors on the storage building. That’s right, we need to do away with the green and go to a more matching color. Let me know if this is something you would like to take care of and we will work out the details and I’ll get you the materials you need.

     I hope you all got signed up for the Liver and Onions dinner. Wednesday 29 September the kitchen is offering a special dinner. Beef Liver and Onions, mashed potatoes with gravy, salad and dessert. Please sign up in the canteen so Carl knows how much to prepare. Please sign up by 18 September. I don’t know if Carl is making any extra so if you are not signed up you might miss out on this special dinner. You will have to ask him directly.

     This has been put out a couple times and the word is still not getting around. On Sundays while there is Football on in the canteen the bingo speakers will be off in the canteen, if you need to hear the caller please relocate to the Bingo Hall. These last couple weeks we have had some Bingo players telling football fans to be quiet or SHHHH because they could not hear the numbers being called. Yesterday two members actually left because they did not want to cause a fuss in the canteen with the bingo players. Let us all be courteous and nice to each other. There is plenty of room in the hall for all the bingo players plus you have the screens in the canteen with the numbers on them so you can play by sight as well. The only person who can make this change is the canteen associate and that will only be done after it is confirmed that none of the football fans want the volume left up on their game. Making everyone happy is impossible but we, on the board, do try our best.

     Reminder; the Patriots Pen, the Voice of Democracy and the Teacher of the Year. Only 5 weeks left so help spread the word.

     The Patriot Pen Theme is "How Can I be a Good American?  This program is for 6th thought 8th grade.  It requires the student to write a paper between 300 and 400 words.

     The VOD Theme is "America: Where do we go from here?”  This program is for 9th through 12th grade.  It requires the student to record their speech on a CD or flash drive.  The speech must be no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes (plus or minus 5 seconds)

     The Teacher of the Year application must describe in 350 words or less why the teacher promotes patriotism and their dedication to education and complete the nomination form.

     All forms must be received at the Post NLT 31 Oct 2021.

     If you have any questions please contact Lavonda Thompson at 330-201-1119.

Have a wonderful week.

Sunday 19 Sep.

NFL Ticket

1:00 – 3:00 PM Tailgate Menu

2:00 PM Bingo


Monday 20 Sep.

Fun day Monday

7:00 PM Pool League


Tuesday 21 Sep.

7:00 PM Paint Stick Bingo

7:00 PM Texas Hold’em


Wednesday 22 Sep.

1:00 PM Cards


Thursday 23 Sep.

2:00 PM Bingo

5:00 PM Rocket Tacos and more

6:30 PM Bad to the Bone Karaoke


Friday 24 Sep.


1:00 PM Shuffleboard

5-7:30 PM Steak or Pork Chop Dinner; Chicken Tenders is an option

7:30 PM Barefoot Brenda Karaoke


Saturday 25 Sep.

10:30 AM M.F.C. Monthly meeting

7:00 PM Pool League

7:00 PM Barefoot Brenda Karaoke


Sunday 26 Sep.

NFL Ticket First come First serve

1:00-3:00 PM Tailgate Menu


7:00 PM Close (Bartenders discretion)



On the Radar:  

29 Sept. Wed. Special Dinner, Liver and Onions (Must Sign up)

30 Sept. Thurs. Rockin Robbin

02 Oct. Sat. M.F.C. Luncheon 11:00 AM thru 3:00 PM (Hall Rented)

16 Oct. Sat. Post will close at 3:00 PM for Post Volunteer Appreciation recognition

23 Oct. Sat. First Responder Appreciation Day with DJ and food 1-5 PM

28 Oct. Thurs. Bad to the Bone

29 Oct. Fri. Commanders Choice Dinner

29 Oct. Fri. Karaoke Contest

18 November 5 PM- ???? Hall Rental




                                                                        John A. Collier Sr.

                                                                        John A. Collier Sr.

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