From the Commander

Mark R. Kelley - 11/19/2020


VFW Post 4534

3250 South US 1

Rockledge, FL 32956



From the Commander

Subject: Updated Covid19 Safety Protocols effective 19 November 2020


Greetings Comrades,


As many of you are probably aware, we are seeing a dramatic increase in Covid19 cases within Brevard County. In light of these events and with recommendations from both our Department Commander and District Commander, I am making the following changes to our Post Safety protocols:

1.     Effective immediately, everyone who comes into our Post is highly encouraged to wear a mask. Masks should be worn at ALL times, except when eating or drinking. If you are seated and need to get up and move about for any reason, you should have a mask on. I know there are some that are excused from this requirement because of legitimate health/breathing issues, so I trust your integrity. I know many people feel this is an infringement on their personal rights and I understand that but this is something that is for the greater good. As combat veterans of the Armed Forces, we of all people should understand that principle. 

2.     We will continue to ensure there is hand sanitizer readily available to all patrons.

3.     Canteen associates and/or volunteers will continue to ensure spaces at the bar or tables that have been vacated are properly wiped down and sanitized.

4.     If any of our Patrons tests positive and have frequented our Post, we will shut down long enough to sanitize accordingly and we are required to report the positive case to HQ, not the name. This is a HIPPA privacy issue. If someone tests positive, myself or the Sr. Vice needs to know ASAP. We will make sure to keep your information private, but we need to know so we can take the necessary protective steps.


I have thought long and hard about this issue and I don’t take these measures lightly. Ultimately, I am responsible for the safety and welfare of our Post and its members. I am thankful for the support so many of you have continued to show our Post and I know many are exercising caution about coming to activities like you use to. We’re not out of the woods with this virus by a long shot so we all need to buckle down and do the right things, not just for our own protection but for those around us. We will continue to try and provide the services and activities that you all have enjoyed over the years, but the challenges of this year will have significant impacts on what we do and how we do it. If you’re going to other organizations or businesses where large crowds are in attendance and proper social distancing or mask wearing is NOT being practiced, you are putting yourself at risk and bringing that risk to the Rocket Post. I don’t wish to see any more of our members or guests have to deal with this virus and the possibility of serious consequences, so please, do the simple things to protect yourself and others.




                                                                                    Mark R. Kelley