From your House Committee Chairman

John A. Collier Sr. - 7/16/2020

Letter from your House Committee Chairman


Good Morning Rocket post,

     We had our House Committee Meeting last night 15 July 2020 and discussed some options for the short term. I do wish more of you would have attended but I understand some of you have concerns about the corona virus.

     Real quick, this Friday, tomorrow 17 July 2020 we will not have a dinner because we just do not have the volunteers for the kitchen. Hopefully we can get this worked out by next Friday but we will have to play it by ear.

     As you all know we have been shut down and so have the Legions and Am vets but hopefully our state representatives get this ironed out in the next few days and we can get back to being open for our members and their families. Continued patience is greatly appreciated.

     Speaking of kitchen help! We need some of you to step up and help out in the kitchen. We have a lot of members that travel during this time of the year and we have a lot of members that have underlying medical conditions that prevent them from coming out right now so I ask each of you to see what you can do in an attempt to help us out on Friday nights.

     For Friday nights when we do open for our dinners be it to go or dine in, we will need a volunteer to help wash dishes. This is a job that we normally pay for but since we are not using plates and silverware it is not cost effective but we cannot expect out volunteers that are working from 4 pm till 7:30 PM getting the orders out to clean the pots and pans. So! Who wants to volunteer to wash some dishes??

     Buddy Poppies! We are in need of someone to take over as our Buddy Poppy chairman. Reach out to Commander Kelley, myself or anyone on the board so we can get the ball rolling.

     As with everything I write I ask each of you to spread the word as we have members that do not get on Facebook or the web page. Communication is key. BE safe, Take care of each other and check on each other. Call if you need anything.


John A. Collier Sr.

VFW Post 4534 Life member

Sr. Vice Commander

House Committee Chairman

Entertainment Chairman

(407) 271-9238