VE Day 2020

John A. Collier Sr. - 7/1/2020

VE Day 2020

My fellow Comrades, as we remember and celebrate VE Day, we celebrate the end of World War II in Europe with Germany. This day is celebrated on the 8th Day of May, the day in 1945 when Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally to Allied forces. The initial surrender took place on 7 May, at SHAEF HQs, in Reims, but the definitive Instrument of Surrender was signed on the 8th of May in Karlshorst, Berlin. Upon the announcement of the surrender of Germany, there was wide spread celebration throughout the Western world, but especially in the UK and North America.

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII and because of the current health crisis with the COVID 19 Pandemic, festivities were more subdued. One of the more striking moments of remembrance came from Queen Elizabeth, who during her speech to the British people, used the words "Never Despair”. This speech was an opportunity for her to not only address the remembrance of VE Day, but also a challenge to her country in its struggle to cope with the ongoing battle against COVID 19. Her words were reminiscent of Winston Churchill during his famous radio broadcast to the English people during the Battle of Britton, when he challenged them to "Never Surrender, never give up”.

 As we continue to battle this Pandemic, I challenge each of you to stay vigilant, take appropriate precautions, and encourage each other. You can rest assured that the officers of the Rocket Post are doing everything they can to continue to serve you to the best of our ability, while taking whatever measures are necessary to protect our members, their families, and guests.


Mark Kelley


VFW "Rocket” Post 4534