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John A. Collier Sr. - 3/15/2020


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Greetings Rocket Post,

    Here we are, another fantastic week and the weather is changing for the better every single day. Yes I know everyone has the Coronavirus on their mind and each and every one of us should be up to speed on everything going on around us. Here is what I know as of today. There are 4 cases in Central Florida and there are 3 cases in Volusia County all under control and being treated. As many of you have seen on the news there have been a lot of closings and sporting events that will not be played as a precaution. Schools will have their students learning remotely as some employers will allow their employees to work from home. Even car races will take place with only their crews and no fans will be authorized. The goal is to prevent any possibility of someone getting the virus and taking it home to share with others. It is only a precaution.


    As of now there are no known cases in Brevard County and hopefully it stays that way. As a precaution we at the Rocket Post will not sit back and wait, we are taking the steps to help prevention and that is by educating all our members and their guests. In actuality it is pretty simple and basic hygiene. Cover your mouth when you cough. Cover your face when you sneeze, wash your hands often, not just after you use the bathroom. Do not rub your eyes, your face or your lips. Use hand sanitizer which is located in the canteen, the hall, the kitchen and most of you all carry some in your purse.


    Here are some questions to ask yourself and those you want to spend time with. Have you traveled outside the U.S. in the last two weeks? Have you been in close contact with someone testing positive for COVID-19? Do you have a fever greater than 100 degrees? Keep in mind a fever alone is not an indication you need to be tested for COVID-19. But if you've traveled or come in contact with a COVID-19-positive person, you need to be tested. Call your medical provider first and get instructions on how to report for a test.

     Symptoms of coronavirus may include fever, cough difficulty breathing and sore throat. Symptoms generally appear in two to 14 days after exposure. Health officials said most patents experience mild symptoms and can recover at home. However some patients, particularly those with underlying medical conditions, may experience more severe respiratory illness.

    Yes I know some folks are worried and that is a good thing. Be smart about what you do and this too shall pass. Everyone, we will be ok.


Have a wonderful week.                                                 


Sunday 15 Mar.          12:30 PM Grill will be on if we have volunteers (Burgers and Dogs)

3:00 PM BINGO Caller is Mike

2:00 PM NASCAR Quick Trip 500 (Screen Room)

4:00 PM XFL DAL Renegades vs. DC Defenders


Monday 16 Mar.                     1:00 PM Fun Day Monday

                                    7:00 PM Pool tourney


Tuesday 17 Mar.         7:00 PM Paint Stick Bingo (Corned Beef Sliders! Bring a side)

                                    7:00 PM Texas Hold’em


Wednesday 18 Mar.    1:00 PM Cards


Thursday 19 Mar.       7:00 AM Golf at Baytree

                                    1:00 PM-4:30 PM BINGO in the Hall

                                    5:30 PM Aarons Awesome Tacos

                                    6:30 PM Bad to the Bone Karaoke


Friday 20 Mar.            1:00 PM Shuffleboard

                                                5:00 PM Fish Dinner, Fried or Baked. Chicken Breast is an option

                                    7:30 PM Rockin Robbin


Saturday 21 Mar.        2:00 PM XFL DAL Renegades vs. TB Vipers

                                    5:00 PM XFL LA Wildcats vs. STL Battlehawks

                                    7:00 PM Pool League


Sunday 22 Mar.          12:30 PM Grill will be on if we have volunteers (Burgers and Dogs)

1:00 PM NASCAR Dixie Vodka 400 (Screen Room)

3:00 PM BINGO Caller is Chuck

3:00 PM XFL NY Guardians vs. SEA Dragons


On the Radar:                      

March 2020

Mar. 21 CVMA meeting 10:00 AM

Mar. 26 Debbies Good Times Karaoke

Mar. 27 Karaoke James

Mar. 28 M.F.C. meeting 10:30 AM

Mar. 28 Hall Rented 4 PM - ??? (Pool Tourney will still be played)


April 2020

Apr. 02 Johnny Danger Live

Apr. 03 Debbies Good Times Karaoke

Apr. 04 Saturday Retirement Party in the hall (Pool is cancelled)

Apr. 09 Rockin Robbin

Apr. 10 Louie



                                                                        John A. Collier Sr.

House Committee Chairman

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"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”   Albert Einstein

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