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John A. Collier Sr. - 12/19/2019


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Good Day Everyone,


     Recap of last week. In short it was fantastic. We had the Wreaths Across America last Saturday morning 14 December 2019 and even though there was a heck of a storm the bikes, trikes and cars showed up. The truck to Cape Canaveral National Cemetery had about 50 bikes and cars escorting it and then we had another escort right here in Cocoa. Vietnam and all Veterans of Brevard (VVB) ensured the Pinecrest Cemetery and all the service members would be recognized. According to Doc Russo this was the biggest showing ever and I am proud to say I was there. Hopefully in the future we can make it even bigger. Next year I will be seeking volunteers to help me clean the headstones at Pinecrest so get your work gloves ready.


     On Sunday the 15th we delivered Christmas to the last 3 families for 2019. There is no way to say Thank you enough to all of you who have donated, played the 50/50 and to those that really made it all happen these last couple months. People have thanked me and I tell them, I did not do this. I merely suggested it and the rest of you deserve the credit for helping take care of 9 families who otherwise would have had a tough time giving their children Christmas. You are all awesome.


     I know some of you out there really want to call Bingo. I am seeking three volunteers that want to call Bingo on Sundays. You can let Mike, Chuck or me know if you are interested. Trust me, it is fun.


     As always I want to ask that each of you share the news of the Rocket Post as some folks do not get on Facebook or the web page. Let’s help keep everyone informed about what’s happening at our Post


Have a wonderful week.                                                 


Sunday 22 Dec.          1:00 PM-4:00 PM Dave and Kathy Skinner on the Grill

                                    1:00 PM NFL Ticket, first come first serve

                                    3:00 PM BINGO Mike


Monday 23 Dec.         1:00 PM Fun Day Monday

                                    7:00 PM Pool League


Tuesday 24 Dec.         Post Hours 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Wed. 25 Dec.              MERRY CHRISTMAS

                                    Post Hours 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Thurs 26 Dec.             7:00 AM Golf at Turtle Creek

                                    5:30 PM Aarons Awesome Tacos

                                    6:30 PM Karaoke Connie


Friday 27 Dec.           1:00 PM Shuffleboard

                                   5:00 PM Steak Dinner. Chicken Breast is an option

                                   7:00 PM Karaoke James


Saturday 28 Dec         7:00 PM Pool Tourney


Sunday 29 Dec.          1:00 PM NFL Package. First come First Serve  

                                                **Grill will be on if we have volunteers.     

                                   3:00 PM BINGO Caller is BIG John


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