Victory over Japan Day (V-J Day

Mark Kelley - 10/25/2019

Victory over Japan (V-J Day)


This past month was the commemoration of V-J Day signifying the Allied victory over Japan in World War II. V-J Day is one of the most important commemorations in both US and World history.

V-J Day is celebrated on different dates in different nations. In the United Kingdom, they celebrate it on August 15th, the date of the initial announcement of the Japanese surrender. However, in the United States, we celebrate it on September 2nd, the day in 1945 when the Empire of Japan officially surrendered to Allied forces on the deck of the Battleship USS Missouri, anchored in Tokyo Bay, marking the end of World War II.

The "Rocket” Post has been privileged to have had in recent years, members of the "Greatest Generation” that served our nation during World War II. It is hard to imagine what our world would look like today had they not answered our nations call along with the countless others of our Allied partners. We are forever in their debt and we honor their sacrifice as fellow brothers and sisters in arms.