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John A. Collier Sr. - 6/15/2019


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Good Day Everyone,

     Something no one likes to talk about, Hurricane Season. Well, we do live in Florida and that is part of life every year. It is time to get yourself and your family ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to bring us this year. The biggest thing you can do is ask for help now. If you have a generator that has not ran in a year or longer, get it started and put it under a load and ensure it will take care of you when you need it. If you do not have a few cases of bottled water and canned foods right now on your shelves, get some. When you wait until the last minute you know the lines will be long and people will be trying to get more for their products. If you do not have hurricane shutters I highly recommend getting them or get some plywood and clips so they can be custom made for your various windows. Again, ask for help if you need it and for those with the ability to help others, get involved and let us all take care of each other.


     Don’t forget about the Casino Cruise on 27 July. See the bartender and get signed up.


     We are trying something new on the 4thWednesday of the month. We are going to try "GAME NIGHT” it is exactly how it sounds. This could be cards, Left Right Center, Chutes and Ladders, Checkers, Chess, you name it, and it could be anything you want. Keep your eyes open for updates and plan on enjoying the 4th Wednesday with us. The commander found what looks to be a very fun addition to the Shuffleboard table and it is like bowling. Once the game arrives we will set it up and try it out. Hope everyone likes it.


Sunday 16 June           3:00 PM BINGO Caller is Big John


Monday 17 June         7:00 PM Pool League


Tuesday 18 June         7:00 PM Texas Hold’em

                                    7:00 PM Paint Stick and tiddlywinks                                               


Wed. 19 June              1:00 PM Cards

                                    5:30 PM House Committee Meeting

                                   7:00 PM General Membership Meeting


Thurs 20 June             7:00 AM Golf at Turtle Creek

                                    5:30 PM Tacos and Baskets

                                    6:30 PM Bad to the Bone Karaoke


Friday 21 June            1:00 PM Shuffleboard

                                    5:00 PM Fish Dinner, Baked or Fried. Chicken Breast is an option

                                  7:30 PM Karaoke Connie


Saturday 22 Jun         7:00 PM Ace of Diamonds drawing for the week.

                                   7:00 PM Pool Tourney


Sunday 23 June          3:00 PM BINGO Caller is Mike


On the Radar:                      

June 2019

June 27 Thurs. Johnny Danger Live entertainment

June 28 Fri. Barefoot Brenda


July 2019

July 4 Thurs. LOUIE and the Entertainers starting at 5:30 PM

July 5 Fri. Karaoke Connie

July 11 Thurs. Karaoke James

July 12 Fri. Mark Goodman Karaoke

July 18 Thurs. Bad to the Bone Karaoke

July 19 Fri. Mark Goodman Karaoke

July 25 Thurs. Johnny Danger Live Entertainment

July 26 Fri. Karaoke James


August 2019

Aug 1 Thurs. Karaoke Connie

Aug 3 Sat. Food Shoot

Aug 2 Fri. Mark Goodman Karaoke

Aug 8 Thurs. Johnny Danger Live Entertainment

Aug 9 Fri. Karaoke Connie

Aug 15 Thurs. Bad to the Bone Karaoke

Aug 16 Fri. Mark Goodman Karaoke

Aug 22 Thurs. Karaoke James

Aug 23 Fri. Karaoke Connie

Aug 29 Thurs. Karaoke Connie

Aug 30 Fri. Karaoke James


     Remember to drop your quarter for the daily drawing as well as the dollar for the weekly drawing; there have been a lot of days with "no Winner”. Please use our suggestion box for all comments, this is the only way we can get the information we need to improve our post and attempt to make everybody happy.



                                                                        John A. Collier Sr.

Sr. Vice Commander

House Committee Chairman

(407) 271-9238


"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”   Albert Einstein

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