John A. Collier Sr. - 9/28/2020

VFW Post 4534


(Update 9.25.2020)


Bingo Days

·        Thursday 1:00PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM

o   Caller will be a VFW member, Auxiliary or General Member.

o   One member from the Bingo Committee must be present during all Bingo sessions.

o   Collector and winning distribution will only be done by VFW member, Auxiliary or General Member

·        Games 1, 2 and 3 games will be dealers choice with a max payout of $50.00

o   All additional monies collected will be rolled over to game 4 which is a coverall Jackpot.

o   You must play game 2 and 3 to play in game 4

·        Games 5, 6 and 7 will be dealers choice with a max payout of $50.00

o   All additional monies collected will be rolled over to game 8 which is a coverall Jackpot.

·        In the event the pot exceeds $250.00 after game 8, there will be an additional regular game and no monies will be collected from the players. This will be a regular bingo worth up to $50.00. If the extra monies exceeds $50.00 there will be a coverall game worth up to $250.00

o   We can only play a total of three jackpot games per session.

·        Instructions to the Caller

o   Arrive early enough to ensure the Bingo machine is set up and operational.

o   Ensure all 4 screens are working

o   Turn on machine and verify all balls are present

o   Get bingo balls verified by a VFW member

o   When selecting games to be played ensure this is logged in the Bingo Book.

·        Game Time

·        The following announcements will be made prior to the games starting

o   Ensure a Bingo Committee Member is present and introduce him or her

o   You must be 18 years of age to play or sit in the bingo area

o   All players must be a VFW member or the guest of a VFW member

o   Advise all members that they are responsible for their guests

o   Remind all players that there will be no extra cards at their table during play or under their seat

o   When money is collected write the amount on the log. Include roll over monies if applicable

o   All money collected will be counted and then verified by 2 VFW members.

o   Let the players know how much they are playing for

o   Display the next game on the board so everyone knows what they are playing

o   Once someone gets BINGO have two players verify the bingo by calling the numbers back to the caller

o   Once BINGO is verified ask if there are any other bingos. If there is not advise everyone that the game is closed.

o   When the money is presented to the winner, count the money out so there is no confusion or disagreement on what was given to the winner or winners.


o   Ensure all cards are placed back in their respective containers

o   Ensure all Bingo equipment is turned off

o   Put all Bingo material back in the first closet in the hall.

o   Lock the Bingo cabinet and turn the key in to the bartender.


·     Any questions pertaining to our Bingo can be referred to Florida Statutes 849.0931

The VFW Post 4534 Bingo Committee:

Mark Kelley                  Post Commander

John A. Collier Sr.        Sr. Vice Commander/House Committee Chairman

Kathy Tubbs                 Auxiliary Jr Vice

Diana Collier                Auxiliary Sr. Vice

Sofia Davis                   Bingo Committee

Mike Miranda               Bingo Committee

Charles C. Collier         Bingo Committee




                                                                        John A. Collier Sr.

                                                                        VFW Post 4534

                                                                        Sr. Vice Commander

                                                                        House Committee Chairman

                                                                        Entertainment Chairman

                                                                        Bingo Committee member

                                                                        407 271-9238