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John A. Collier Sr. - 8/16/2021


VFW Post 4534



Greetings Rocket Post,

     I do not even have to tell you all how much our volunteers do around the post. You see it when you are there for any function from Show me the Money, Bingo, Paint Stick, dinners on Thursday and Friday. I cannot say enough about our membership and our esprit de corps. But Friday you showed even more how caring you are and you showed how well versed our membership is. Without too many details, Friday night one gentleman was having a medical issue and without even thinking about it people moved their tables and others help him to a seat and 911 was called. Thankfully a couple of our members are retired from the medical field and knew exactly what to look for until medical arrived. For all that were involved, thank you for being there and placing the needs of others above your own.

     Check out the calendar! Show me the Money is this Saturday again. That’s right, twice a month now and it is growing. Hope to see you all there this Saturday.

     Want to give you a quick update on our new roof at the Post. The company we hired to do the roof has been waiting on the city for the permit. Seems they are backlogged and the number we were told was 1,000 yet to be approved. So, needless to say we are waiting. Sounds like the city hired some new personnel so hopefully that will help out and keep these companies working that rely on the permits to get to work. Of course I think our Post should be moved to the top of the stack but they seem to think all of the requests are equally important.

    General Membership, this Wednesday is our monthly meeting. The House Committee will meet at 5:30 PM and the General Membership meeting is at 7:00 PM I hope you can make it.

     Bingo Players! 12 September will be the start of the NFL season and as you all remember, the screen room and the canteen will have the games on. If you choose to play bingo in the canteen please remember you will need to use the screens in the canteen because the speakers will be off. If you wish to hear the numbers please play in the hall.

    Football fans, as always this is a first come, first serve and there is no reserving the screens for your team. Also reminder that the bar tender will not reserve any of the screens for anyone. If you want to see your favorite team on the big screen I suggest getting there when the door opens. This applies in the screen room as well, there are two televisions and the first one gets the volume.

    Sometimes it is difficult to avoid hearing others conversations and it happened to me over the past week. I heard some people talking about the vaccine and how you can still get the virus even if you have been vaccinated. They were pointing out what a waste of time it is to get the vaccine. I wanted to jump in to their conversation but I kept my opinion to myself, (shocker right?). I then spoke to my Doctor about it and I liked his answer. He said I do not listen to the CDC I do not get my information from Facebook or Social media, I get all of my knowledge from Science and that is how I practice medicine. He said the vaccine will not prevent you from getting the virus but that shot will help you fight it and stay alive. As of now it is a choice that each of us have if we get the vaccine or not. I for one do not want to pass this virus on to our grandkids, or anyone for that matter, and if this shot will help with that I am all for it.

     As always, please share this information with other members that do not check Facebook or the Post Web Page. I am still hearing from members that say they did not know what was going on at the Post.


Have a wonderful week.

Sunday 15 Aug.

1:00 – 3:00 PM Burgers and Dogs

2:00 PM Bingo


Monday 16 Aug.

Fun day Monday

7:00 PM Pool League


Tuesday 17 Aug

7:00 PM Paint Stick Bingo

7:00 PM Texas Hold’em


Wednesday 18 Aug.

1:00 PM Cards

5:30 PM House Committee Meeting

7:00 PM General membership Meeting


Thursday 19 Aug.

2:00 PM Bingo

5:00 PM Rocket Tacos and more

6:30 PM Karaoke Connie


Friday 20 Aug


1:00 PM Shuffleboard

5-7:30 PM Fish Dinner baked or Fried. Chicken Breast is an option

7:30 PM Barefoot Brenda


Saturday 21 Aug.

1:00 PM Show Me the Money

7:00 PM Pool League


Sunday 22 Aug

1:00-3:00 PM Burgers and Dogs


7:00 PM Close (Bartenders discretion)


On the Radar:    

26 Aug. Thurs. Bad to the Bone

27 Aug. Fri. Rockin’ Robbin

28 Aug. Sat. Barefoot Brenda

04 Sept. Sat. 1:00 PM Show me the Money

12 Sept. Sun. 9:00 AM Breakfast made to Order by Evelyn

18 Sept. Sat. 1:00 PM Show me the Money

18 November 5 PM- ???? Hall Rental




                                                                        John A. Collier Sr.

                                                                        John A. Collier Sr.

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                                                                        Sr. Vice Commander

                                                                        House Committee Chairman

Entertainment Chairman

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