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John A. Collier Sr. - 10/15/2019


VFW Post 4534



Good Day Everyone,

     As previously stated, we have a lot going on in the next few weeks so be flexible. Starting off, don’t miss Bad to the Bone karaoke this Thursday at 6:30 and then this Friday 18 October, we are not having Fish! It is time for Octoberfest. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, come to the Rocket Friday for some awesome German Food. Oktoberfest mit tollem deutschem Essen.


     Do we have any golfers in the Post??? We are sponsoring two teams in the upcoming scramble at Great Outdoors in Titusville this is being put on by St., Mary Catholic Church in Rockledge. The tourney is this Sunday 20 October. If you are interested, the first 2 teams will be paid for by the post. I will need your names by Wednesday at 5:30 pm prior to the House Committee Meeting.


     I have covered this topic in the past but it is quite obvious the flow of information is failing. Please help me spread the word about Sundays in the canteen. The board would love to make everyone happy and in all honesty I feel they have done everything they possibly could to satisfy everyone. Clearly some of you are not happy and that is disappointing. The post pays a great deal of money for the NFL ticket and we love having football fans come and enjoy their Sunday afternoons with us at the Rocket. We also love our Bingo players and their guests. The simple fix is that during football season bingo will be played in the bingo hall. The fans will not be told to turn down the volume on their games that are on in the canteen. The two monitors in the canteen are there to assist those wishing to sit in the canteen and play bingo. If you need to hear the caller please sit in the hall area. This topic has been addressed, discussed and voted on by the general membership and it is final.


     We are getting close to the drawing for the Auxiliary baskets and that quilt. Don’t miss out on that opportunities and get your tickets from the bartender as soon as possible


     Plan for a great Halloween night at the Rocket Post with a costume party and we will have Louie and the Entertainers through 10:30 or later if need be. Not to disappoint we will keep Aaron in the kitchen doing his culinary thing, so come hungry and stick around for some fun.


     Have a wonderful week.                                                  


Sunday 13 Oct.             OPEN AT NOON

                                    1:00 PM NFL Package. First come First Serve. The Grill will be on!      

                                    3:00 PM BINGO Caller is Mike


Monday 14 Oct.            1:00 PM Fun day Monday

7:00 PM Pool League


Tuesday 15 Oct.            7:00 PM Texas Hold’em

                                                7:00 PM Paint Stick and tiddlywinks                                               


Wed. 16 Oct.               1:00 PM Cards

                                    5:30 PM House Committee Meeting

                                    7:00 PM General membership meeting


Thurs 17 Oct.               7:00 AM Golf at Turtle Creek

                                               5:30 PM Tacos and Baskets

                                    6:30 PM Bad to the Bone Karaoke


Friday 18 Oct.               1:00 PM Shuffleboard

                                                5:00 PM Octoberfest (Brats, Schnitzel, Awesome food)

                                    7:30 PM Karaoke Connie


Saturday 19 Oct.           12:00 PM College Football (First come First Serve on TV’s)

                                    7:00 PM Pool Tourney


Sunday 20 Oct.             1:00 PM NFL Football package 7 screens. First come, first serve

                                    **Kitchen will be open if we have volunteers.

                                    3:00 PM BINGO Caller is Chuck


On the Radar:                      

October 2019

Oct. 23 Wed. Game Night

Oct. 24 Thurs. Johnny Danger Live

Oct. 25 Fri. Karaoke James

Oct. 31 Thurs. Halloween Party with "Louie and the Entertainers”.


November 2019

Nov. 1 Fri. Mark Goodman Karaoke

Nov. 7 Thurs. Karaoke Connie

Nov. 8 Fri. _____________

Nov. 14 Thurs. Johnny Danger Live

Nov. 15 Fri. Karaoke Connie

Nov. 21 Thurs. Bad to the Bone Karaoke

Nov. 22 Fri. Karaoke James

Nov. 28 Happy Thanksgiving (Bring side to share) Dinner starts at 1:00 PM

Nov. 28 Thurs. Karaoke James

Nov. 29 Fri.  Karaoke Connie




                                                                        John A. Collier Sr.

House Committee Chairman

(407) 271-9238



"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”   Albert Einstein

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