Honor Guard Captain - Bob King

I want all to know it’s an honor to serve this great honor guard team. It’s an honor to represent this wonderful post. It’s an honor to show our thanks, loyalty and integrity to the men and women who served our great nation. In November, we did just that. We showed our HONOR. We presented our nation’s colors at three events across Brevard. This month alone, we helped rededicate Burger King’s Flag Pole and Flag in Rockledge. In doing so, Burger King’s managers presented our post with a monetarily donation of $250. Thank you Burger King. Our honor guard team also showed their honor and respect to the flag at Sherwood Elementary School in Melbourne. There, as well as, at Solaris Health Center, senior care in Merritt Island, they stood tall, gave and received honors from Veterans and their families alike.
None of these events could be done without HONOR. Honor and service before self, just as our previous honor guard leader, Mr. Herb Gay, did (God rest his soul). Herb always stood tall, sharp, strong and sound for his country. We now do the same in HONOR of him and our nation. Our team will continue to represent our post, our nation and our flag to those who want to show and see pride.
Would you like to do the same? Would you like to show HONOR or feel that honor again flowing through your blood and soul like our team does? If so, please consider joining us. We need you and yours!!! We need a few good members to take the place of our fallen, our loved, our hurt and our ailing. Please join us, so you can show honor too.
Call me 321-693-2399, so I can I’ll explain how simple it is to stand up your HONOR.
The 4th Wednesday each month the Honor Guard has Practice at 6 PM